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        Live shooting for the project. All videos are shot by myself.  Live shooting is a powerful way to explain a story. Sometimes I made objects myself for shooting. Sometimes I make objects for shooting.

Movie Title Sequence _________  

The title sequence design of the movie is another media art genre with beautiful visual beauty related to the content and atmosphere of the movie, as well as the introduction of the production team. Various styles are tried because we have to introduce the movie in a limited timeout time. 

For this project, I chose the movie "Perfume - The Murderer's Story" I filmed all the scenes myself and produced the title sequence.  I was inspired by the color, contrast of light, and classical atmosphere of the movie 'Perfume.'  For the background music, I chose a cello with a heavy and dramatic mood and created the atmosphere by using color filters in the lights.  The hands, which are the props needed for this shoot, I made molded and use candle wax.

____________Process Book

  • Mood Boards

  • Story Board

  • Style Frames

  • Sample Shooting

Making props for movies : Mold casting techniques _________  


​몰드 캐스팅 기법-

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